“All will be well”. The most striking quotes “Conversation with Dmitry Medvedev”

“All will be well” – Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev responded to a question about Russia’s future and the prospects of its development. He summed up the year and told about the nearest plans of the government in the traditional television program “Conversation with Dmitry Medvedev”. The questions were leading “First channel”, RTR, NTV and TV channels Dozhd and RBC.

On the economic potential of the Russian Federation and the crisis

We first learned the price of their own economic opportunities. We continue to live, we even expanded. We live probably worse than we’d like to live, it’s true. But on the other hand, we now understand the internal resources of the Russian economy

Medvedev also commented on the words of the Minister of Finance that the government may use the Reserve Fund to compensate budget deficit.

The task of the Minister of Finance to some extent, to escalate the fear and to exaggerate. Because if not, the Ministry of Finance do not, then no one else will. The Ministry of Finance is the final frontier. Therefore, any Minister of Finance, whatever its name, must always dramatize the situation, and rightly so

The Prime Minister believes that the decline of the economy and production is suspended, the next year will be a year of growth.

The situation is really difficult, though, as you recall, last years light we were not. If we talk about my grades, I can say that the anti-crisis plan worked. He allowed us to endure the most difficult period this year

About oil dependency

It is bad that our economy depends on oil. But such is its structure and which was not formed: it was formed last 60 years

About the ruble exchange rate

Indeed, the ruble has moved to a whole new status: he is swimming freely and it’s good, because nobody dictates how the ruble to be. But, there is nothing to hide. It is very much tied up under the oil revenues and very much tied up under the oil price

About import substitution

Yes, it is not as fast as we’d all like, but no one has any illusions was not. It is impossible to create on the basis of essentially post-Soviet industry for two years, the industry is the same as in Germany or in Japan

About the level of life of Russians

We live worse, probably, than we would like to live, it’s true. But on the other hand, we now understand the internal resources of the Russian economy

About free medicine

On the sacred, nobody attempts who would encroach, on the arms will give and other parts of the body

On the costs of a military operation in Syria

It’s a secret. I can say this: the use of Russian armed forces completely within the parameters of the budget of the Ministry of defense. They did not seek to increase defense spending in relation to the situation

About Energobalance of Crimea

What happened with the light, otherwise as genocide. It’s quite boorish, so totally fucked, as they say, position. How is it called? Just disgusting, in another way not to call

About the duty of Kiev to Russia

I have a feeling that will not return, because rogues. They refuse to return the money

Medvedev also commented on the position of the IMF on this issue

If the two governments agree – sovereign loan. It never questioned. It is surprising that international financial institutions started to say that it’s not quite a sovereign loan. That is, when the two governments – this is not a sovereign loan. This is some bullshit! It’s just a blatant cynical lie

About changing a 13 percent income tax

After upgrading to 13% of the gray level areas are practically gone. All taxes are paid. I mean income tax. It is more profitable to pay than not to pay. Why do we have to cut the goose that lays such Golden eggs perfectly

The suspension of tourist arrivals in Egypt and Turkey

Obviously, what happened is a terrorist attack. Judging from what happened this year, the repetition of such attacks this year possible

About the relations with the West

Since the days of Peter the window that was cut through to Europe, it is not closed, – said the head of the Cabinet. But this does not mean that we should trash to haul out