Eagles: new port in Arkhangelsk will solve the problem of port capacity

The Governor of the region Igor Orlov explained that the port plans to build 55 kilometers North of Arkhangelsk near the island Mudyugsky.

St. PETERSBURG, 9 Dec –. The creation of a new deep sea port in Arkhangelsk with the possibility of year-round sunset large vessels will solve the problem of shortage of port facilities, will open an alternative route of export-import traffic said at the forum “Arctic: present and future” Governor of the region Igor Orlov.

“Goods turnover of seaports of Russia increased, including in the Arctic basin; it is projected the deficit of port facilities. Comprehensive solution to this problem we see in the creation of new deep sea port in Arkhangelsk with the possibility of year-round set of heavy-tonnage vessels with deadweight up to 75-100 thousand tons”,- said Orlov.

The head of the region explained that the port plans to build 55 kilometers North of Arkhangelsk near the island Mudyugsky. The project envisages the construction of specialized complexes for transshipment of bulk oil cargoes, mineral fertilizers, container, construction, timber and General cargoes, coal and coke. When at full capacity, the port capacity can be up to 45 million tons per year (15-25 million tons for the first stage of construction).

“Building a deep-sea port in Arkhangelsk will contribute to the promotion of the interests of the Russian Federation in the Arctic zone, to improve the strategic security of the country. The deepwater port will be one of the key elements of the infrastructure of the Northern sea route and open up an alternative route for export and import flows”, — said Orlov.

According to him, the project will provide independent output large-capacity vessels in the World ocean. The new route will reduce the distance of transportation of cargoes by sea transport between Europe and Asia and will give substantial savings on the cost of the freight vessel, which will increase the commercial efficiency of transport on the Northern sea route, will reduce the development and maintenance of oil and gas fields, will create a new support infrastructure and service base along the coast, will give an impetus to domestic civil shipbuilding and maintenance industry.

Orlov said that the construction of the deep seaport “Arkhangelsk” is most closely associated with the construction project of the railway “Belkomur” (“White sea–Komi–Ural”), which implies the pad 712 kilometres of new sections of fabric and modernization of 449 miles of the railway in the direction “Arkhangelsk–Syktyvkar–Perm”. The initiators of the project are the Arkhangelsk region, Komi Republic, Murmansk oblast and Perm Krai. The construction of “Belkomur” actively support the Nenets and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Kirov and Sverdlovsk regions, the Republic of Karelia.

The Governor added that the comprehensive implementation of both projects at 500-1000 kilometers of railway will cut the shoulder for cargoes from the Urals and Siberia, and will give impetus to the development of multimodal transport. The Belkomur and deep-water port “Arkhangelsk” will allow you to enter in the foreign trade very large volumes of new cargo and significantly increase the transit traffic through the Arctic basin.

“This project is of interest to Russian industrial companies and Chinese partners, and may radically change the socio-economic situation in a number of Northern territories of Russia. The implementation of the project “Belkomur” will be the basis for development of territories, creation of roads, new transit, transhipment, constructing of new roads, energy development and local infrastructure, the emergence of new taxpayers,” said Orlov.

In parallel with the construction of the railway will create about 40 infrastructure projects and up to 28 thousand jobs, including in previously hard-to-reach areas, expanding the development of forest resources and development of mineral deposits.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said at the forum the role of the project “Belkomur” the development of the Arctic, stressing that our interests in the construction of this line coincide with the interests of the Chinese partners.

The government of the Arkhangelsk region, Komi Republic and the Perm territory initiated negotiations with corporations and potential investors from China. In September 2015 in Beijing signed an agreement on joint implementation of the project of construction of the railway “Belkomur”, which are interregional company “Belkomur” and the company “Poly Technologies, Inc.”, which is among the 500 largest companies in the world. The agreement stipulates that the Chinese side will participate in the financing, design and construction of new and modernization of existing segments of the railway.

In addition, it is planned to sign in April 2016 intergovernmental agreement between Russia and China on the implementation of this project.

“While the implementation of the project of a deepwater port and “Belkomur” will be created optimal transportation and logistical scheme, aimed at expanding trade and economic relations of Russia with the countries of the European Union, North and South America, Central and South-East Asia. Together they will give an impetus to the active development of the Northern sea route as a national unified transport route of the Russian Federation”, — said the Governor.

The government of the Arkhangelsk region together with partners is engaged in intensive preparatory work for the project of a deepwater port “Arkhangelsk”. In the region develop a technical and financial concept of port. Also started work on updating the freight database and technical solutions, and outlined a detailed plan of cooperation with design, financial institutions, Federal government authorities and Chinese partners.

As noted in a press-service of the regional administration, the project “Belkomur and Deep-water port in Arkhangelsk” was considered relevant by the working group of the state Commission for the Arctic. The Arkhangelsk region is proposing to include them in the new edition of the state program “Socio-economic development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation for the period till 2020”.

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