FAS issued a warning to Aeroflot because of rising prices

MOSCOW, December 9. The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russian Federation ordered “Aeroflot” verbal warning because of rising transport prices after the withdrawal from the market “Transaero” does not exclude a written warning. This was reported to journalists by the head of FAS Igor Artemyev.

“I note that the December decline in air transportation in the market, rates should fall, not rise. But everything is different. So they have received from us an official warning, which was expressed verbally, is not far off and writing, if they do not change their policy,” he said.

Artemyev has reminded that after the revocation of the license for transportations “Transaero” Rosaviatsia gave the 53 route for this airline, including foreign ones, “Aeroflot”.

“We were faced with the fact that we voted against this decision. Not only because we didn’t want the monopoly of Aeroflot was strengthened, and because you had to weigh what was happening. But have created a lot of monopolies, and it doesn’t have to wait long. Only the lazy, the Governor wrote to me concerned about raising rates,” he said.

Artemyev said that the FAS opposed the strengthening of the monopoly of Aeroflot.

“They picked up the “Transaero”. I thank them very much. Mainly work on transportation of passengers “Transaero” carried out “Aeroflot”. They suffered the losses, they had to compensate. We understand that it is necessary, steel with them to discuss the situation. Suddenly revoked the operating license of “Transaero” and then instantly Rosaviatsia 53 the most favorable route reports “Aeroflot”. We were presented with a fait accompli and were against it,” noted Artemyev.

According to him, the decision to transfer routes was taken by the Ministry of transport and the Federal air transport Agency.

“As a result of the investigation, I do not exclude that we will revisit the decision about the transfer of routes “Aeroflot”. We voted against this decision” – said Artemyev.