Gref predicted a loss of license of 10% of the banks

Moscow. December 9. Next year about 10% of Russian banks may lose their licenses, said the head of Sberbank German Gref, speaking at the Federation Council on Wednesday.

“Next year banks, most likely, will lose the license. According to our estimates, 10% of the banks will lose the license next year,” he said.

Russia now has less than 700 banks.

The head of Sberbank added that he supports the cleansing of the sector from banks that are “anything but banking activities”.

According to him, the crisis in the banking sector was the hardest hit, but the fed’s policy was adequate. A shock in the market was not the fault of the Central Bank, and was due to several prevailing factors. “Avoided a major banking crisis. The sector is cleaned from dead organizations”, – said Gref.

The cost of the crisis to the banking sector for 2 years – about 1.8% of GDP, to recapitalize the sector was allocated 1.5 trillion rubles, Gref appreciated. “We (the savings Bank – approx. If) have not been the beneficiaries of this assistance, but I think everything was done correctly,” said the head of the Bank.