Lavrov said about the “stooping” of the United States of the European Union in the issue of anti-Russian sanctions

Moscow. December 9. The US has forced Europe to impose sanctions against Russia, and now U.S. officials persuade member countries of the EU to extend anti-Russian restrictive measures, said the head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov.

“By the way, European sanctions imposed to a great extent on demand of the USA. Joe Biden (Vice-President of the USA – Interfax) at the time boasted that it was American initiative, and the Americans have “bent” the European Union”, – said the Minister in an interview with Italian journalists on Wednesday.

“Now we also know that Americans drive about in all the capitals of Europe and demand that after a few days, when the European Council will meet to sanctions were extended without any discussions”, – said Lavrov.

“This decision, which we do not comment, we deeply regret that we couldn’t react,” the Minister said, commenting on retaliatory measures imposed by Russia.