Lavrov: the USA demand from the EU extension of anti-Russian sanctions

Lavrov: the USA demand from the EU extension of anti-Russian sanctions

MOSCOW, December 9. Extending the anti-Russian sanctions at the EU Council on 17-18 December “without any discussions” from EU countries require the United States. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in an interview with Italian media.

“American initiative”

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Source: between EU countries there is no agreement on the extension in January of sanctions against Russia

“We know that Americans now drive about in all the capitals of Europe and demand that after a few days, when the European Council will meet, the sanctions were extended without any debate,” he said.

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry recalled that “the European sanctions were imposed to a great extent on the demand of the United States.”

“Joe Biden in his time boasted that it was American initiative, and the Americans have “bent” the European Union, he said, apologizing for the jargon. – This is the decision we do not comment on. We deeply regret”.

“We could not respond, – continued the Minister. – First of all, we reacted, by the way, not just to do something to spite the EU. We explained it very simply: those businesses and structures that were imposed unilateral sanctions of US, EU and some other States, were our financial institutions, including institutions that lend to agricultural producers.”

“When they cut funding, they have the ability to lend to our agricultural producers has declined sharply, creating unfair advantages for specific food exporters from Western countries, whose lending had not declined, explained Lavrov. That was the reason”.

Despite a negative background in our relations, political dialogue with the EU continues. We believe that the main thing in the current situation – not close to each other and to work together to redress the situation, driven primarily by the strategic vision of the overall priorities of Russia and EU

Vladimir Chizhov
Russia’s permanent representative to the EU

Sanctions and counter-sanctions

Economic sanctions against Russia, the European Union introduced on 1 August 2014.

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Response. That Moscow is opposed to sanctions of the West

On 22 June the EU Council at the level of foreign Ministers approved another extension until the end of January 2016.

In August 2014 Russia introduced a package of measures on sanctions the United States, Australia, Canada, EU and Norway.

They were a prohibition for a period of one year for import to Russia fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat products.

In June, the food embargo was extended until 5 August 2016.

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All sanctions of the West against Russia