Lavrov: under the coordination of ground and air strikes in Syria ISIS problem can be solved quickly

Lavrov: under the coordination of ground and air strikes in Syria ISIS problem can be solved quickly

MOSCOW, December 9. When you engage ground forces and aviation in Syria the problem of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation) can be solved quickly. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with Italian media.

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Russia and USA are preparing a UN security Council resolution on the fight against terrorism for adoption by the 18th December

“The decision by Turkey to shoot down Russian aircraft, the government has shown that they support terrorists, no matter what the motives, – the Minister said. – But the constant mantra that Russia has supposedly not for the purposes in Syria, we are not convinced”.

“We need to agree – who are the terrorists? We have our own list based on United Nations lists, and lists of the Russian Federation in the national quality lead, – said Lavrov. And those who use terrorist methods, cannot be otherwise regarded as terrorists. And fight with them”.

“Aviation power sufficient, if you add up the potentials of the us Alliance and Russia in the case of establishing a sound interaction with the ground forces”, – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry. “I am convinced that the problem of ISIS can be solved quickly enough”, – said Lavrov.

“IG already grows its cells in Egypt”

Lavrov expressed confidence that in Russia banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG) establishes its branches in Egypt.

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The Russian space forces dealt a massive rocket and aviation blow to the objects of the IG in Syria

“It’s one driven by terrorists space, now they appear in Libya, and in Afghanistan, and in other places. I am convinced that IG already grows its cells in Egypt, he said. – And what happened at Sinai with the Russian passenger liner, IG took over. We are now working closely with the Egyptian intelligence services in order to establish how this is all managed terrorists do and what should be done to such risks completely excluded”.

While Lavrov noted that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi confidently “builds its policy to ensure the effectiveness of state governance structures, to create conditions for solving economic problems and, of course, to improve the social situation in the country”.

“Very real problem”

The creation of the anti-terrorist coalition is quite possible, terrorists of the “Islamic state” is the absolute enemies of humanity, said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

“The President of Russia for quite a long time promoting this initiative, he announced it at the session of the UN General Assembly in late September, confirmed the initiative in his address to the Federal Assembly, – said Lavrov. We believe that this task is quite real. In the end it was really during the Second world war to unite against the absolute evil of Nazism, managed to whitewash, leaving aside all differences, including ideological”.

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As the aircraft of the Russian Federation helps to fight with terrorists in Syria

“The main thing was to avoid capture by the Nazis of the world with their hateful ideology, – continued the Minister. – Now the same misanthropic ideals preaches the so-called Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia – approx.TASS), which cannot be allowed to become a state, to deprive any illusions as to what they can relate to with Islam”.

“This is the absolute enemies of mankind and as such they must be considered, – said Lavrov. – We are convinced that it is possible to unite against them, we already have enough serious power, nearly all the leading States of Europe, and the Euro-Atlantic region, who signed the need to eradicate this evil”.

“A United front on the basis of the law”

Information Center in Jordan can be used for coordination of actions of the Russian Federation and the USA on the fight against ISIS, Lavrov said.

“Universal single front against terror is only possible on the basis of international law. In this regard, does not help the cause of the inferiority of U.S. coalition in terms of its legitimacy against Syria, Lavrov emphasized. – Iraq has an agreement, is a sovereign state, agreed and even requested to the coalition to help destroy terrorists on its territory. I am convinced that it was necessary to act against Syria”.

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Sands: for the coalition against ISIS does not need transactions

“We have every reason to believe that the Syrian leadership would cooperate with such foreign partners, – said the Minister. – So far, unfortunately, only Russian aviation works in the skies over Syria legitimate. And, nevertheless, Syrians have repeatedly said that those who will interact with Russia, will be treated as partners of the Syrian government. Think on that, let a little complicated, but claiming the legitimacy of the scheme, we now need to focus”.

According to Lavrov, this was discussed with the French President in Moscow, that Vladimir Putin spoke to Barack Obama during meetings in new York, Antalya and Paris. “The same scheme is at the core of our interaction with countries in the region. Established by the clearing house in Baghdad – said Lavrov. – Establish an information centre in Amman, which may be used as the point of contact between the American coalition and Russia in terms of interaction and ideally coordinate our actions”.


“Islamic state” (ISIS) – an Islamist terrorist organization operating inside Iraq and Syria. Established on 15 October 2006 by the merger of 11 radical Sunni groups. The core group forming the militants, who fought with American troops during their stay in Iraq and with the forces of the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

The IG recognized as a terrorist organization in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, India, Indonesia, and Russia (29 December 2014).