Media: Roskomnadzor suggests to messengers bind to carrier networks

Media: Roskomnadzor suggests to messengers bind to carrier networks

MOSCOW, December 9. Developers of messaging applications may be required to work in Russia only under the contract with operators, the newspaper Vedomosti has a copy of the bill governing the operation of such services in Russia.

Document offer to amend the laws “On information…” and “On communication” of the amendment, supplementing them with a new concept “information and communication services” – “services of transmission of text, voice and picture messages, technologically inextricably connected with communication services provided by third parties on the data network operators”. The messengers, consider getting acquainted with the text of the document the staff of several Internet companies and Telecom operators. Theoretically under the law may fall and social networks – they, too, can exchange messages.

That assumes the bill

The authors of the bill propose, first, to make vendors of such services can work in Russia only under the contract with operators.

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And, secondly, to force them to inform on its work to the authorized body Roskomnadzor. If the service violates the law, rules of rendering of communication services or the contract with the operator, the latter shall block the pass of traffic, until he corrected.

It is obvious that the government wants to tighten control over such services, says the employee of one of the telecommunication companies. Prospects and challenge of this initiative is not visible, he said.

Has developed this bill, Roskomnadzor, according to the employees of telecommunication and Internet companies. He is now under discussion in the working group, which includes government officials and representatives of the operators, says one of them.

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