Medvedev assured journalists in the conservation of the accumulative pension system

Moscow. December 9. The decision to freeze pension savings temporary basis the existing pension system will not change, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

“Really, we need money for development. It is approximately 345 billion rubles, which we can use to solve urgent tasks, including, maybe, and crisis. This is a temporary situation,” Medvedev said in an interview to journalists of five Russian TV channels.

The Prime Minister said that the government had decided not to abandon funded part of pension from the existing system of pensioning, because the pension system as a whole should be stable.

Medvedev assured that the Russians will not suffer from the freeze of pension savings. “For several years, we accept the decision to freeze the cumulative part. Whether the interests of people who went to a fully funded system? On this occasion, there are different points of view, I will cite one that I think is absolutely fair – don’t suffer, because neither the total amount of money that will get people in the case of retirement, no current pension obligations freeze storage element not affected,” he said.