Medvedev: Russia is open to the West but this does not mean that there need to haul all the trash

MOSCOW, December 9. Russia is open to the West since the times of Peter I, but this does not mean that there should be “drag to trash”, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with Russian TV channels.

“Since Peter the window that was cut through to Europe, it is not closed, – said the head of the Cabinet. But this does not mean that we should trash to haul out of there”.


Medvedev added that we must proceed from national interests and pragmatic position. “But isolation, failure to communicate with foreign countries we do not face and nobody wants that”. – he concluded.

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Valentina Matviyenko: self-isolation will not be

“No we have no isolation, it does not threaten us and we do not revel in the decisions that are taken”, – he said.

Medvedev has noticed that Russia has a market economy based on the use of private capital. “Socialist we almost do not buy, unless you take the products, which comes to us from North Korea, he added. – With regard to the desire for self-isolation, our desire to limit myself, I think that there has been none. We are all modern people, who would be where.”

The Prime Minister proposed to represent a situation in which the Soviet Union would have survived to our time. “You can imagine just for a minute imagine that he would have been out of the trends that exist in the world, regardless of trends of globalization, open information agenda. Impossible,” he said, noting that even in Soviet times, the country was not completely closed society.

In conclusion, Medvedev stressed that the desire to be closed from all sides and to maintain the Patriarchal order is not exactly the internal need of the Russian society.