Medvedev said about the goals of the anti-crisis plan

Moscow. December 9. The anti-crisis plan, developed by the Russian government, brought the results in all areas, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“I can say that the crisis plan worked, he allowed us to endure the most difficult period this year, and almost all areas that we have identified as most important, this plan has brought result,” he said in an interview to the leading Russian TV channels.

According to him, the fall of the Russian economy is stopped, next year it will start to grow. “Based on the data available in the government has the Ministry of economic development, I can say that the decline of the economy and the decline in production halted”, – said Medvedev.

“And we believe that next year we will grow”, – said the Prime Minister.

According to the forecast of Ministry of economic development, the decline of the economy for the year will amount to 3.7%, investments of less than 7%, slightly better than expected.