Medvedev said about the need for debate on raising the retirement age

Moscow. December 9. The answer to the question of raising the age of retirement yet, but the government is entitled to put it, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“We now have the right to put this question – when people can retire. But the answer to this question is no. You need to consult further, you need to talk with experts, and just with the people themselves to consult”, – Medvedev said on Wednesday in interview to TV channels. According to him, for me at the moment, an ongoing debate.

Referring to the increase in the period of retirement for officials, Medvedev said: “When this idea was discussed, were all somehow believe that the officials just say get a pension at 65, and they will clap their hands. Nothing of the sort. The part of the officers said, Yes, we want to work as long as possible, and it does not depend on the position; some people said no, we would like to leave early and enjoy your grandchildren, garden, go to the cottage and so forth.”

But the government said Medvedev, still decided that the duration of employment for public servants be increased to 65 years, but to do it gradually.

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said earlier that the authorities had no plans to raise the retirement age. He also said that has no information about the creation of an expert Council to discuss pension reform.

The newspaper “Kommersant” writes on Tuesday that authorities are intent in February of 2016 to announce the establishment of the Expert Council discussion of pension reform – patterns, designed to prepare public opinion for the increase in the retirement age. Although a final decision on the reform is still pending, we are talking about the running in future Council in January-February 2016 start increasing the retirement age from 2016 first for women younger than born in 1961, and then for the younger men, born in 1971, says the publication.