MTS subscribers can pay for purchases from Google Play with your mobile account

Moscow. December 9. MTS agreed with Google about making purchases from the Google Play store with telephone bills of the subscribers, is spoken in the message of MTS. Clients MTS will be able to pay for apps, games, books, music, movies and in-app purchases, putting in the mobile phone number. Previously this was done with reference to a credit card.

The parties shall cooperate on a revenue sharing model, said a source in the telecommunications market. Specific design parameters for revenue sharing. Major mobile operators usually keep 10-30% of the fees paid by customers for content from the user’s mobile phone, notes CNBC.

MTS and Google entered into a second agreement. In August the parties agreed on joint promotion search services of Google in Russia. The operator collaborates with an American Internet company since 2012, when he started promoting apps from Google Play on branded smartphones MTS. In 2013, the operator offered to its corporate users in the Google Apps for business is a set of cloud – based solutions, which are tailored for the business consumer applications.

According to the representative “Vympelcom” Anna Aybasheva, subscribers had the opportunity to pay phone bill buy from the Google Play store three years ago. Last week, the company signed a similar agreement with Apple. In addition, the operator has billing integration with the app store Microsoft.

Subscribers of MegaFon can pay for content from Google Play on your phone bill with 2013, says a company representative. The operator does not comment on plans to conclude similar agreements with Apple.

According to the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov, the company is technically ready to provide their subscribers with the opportunity to make purchases from the AppStore and is waiting for “the same willingness” on the part of Apple.