Peskov denied plans to impose restrictions for messengers

Peskov denied plans to impose restrictions for messengers

Moscow. December 9. No limits for systems with fast data transfer, so-called “messengers”, to enter not planned, according to the Kremlin.

“I know that is really the theme being, but it is not in terms of restrictions. As far as I know, no there are no restrictions, but study of the subject is, however, it is not associated with any orders, especially the presidential administration,” – said the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday.

He emphasized that for him personally the introduction of any restrictions on the messengers it would be very inconvenient. “The limitation I was uncomfortable, and I think we all would be uncomfortable”, – said Peskov.

Earlier it was reported that online messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber or Telegram may be required to work in Russia under a contract with operators to identify their users.

In the working group of the Roskomnadzor began discussion of the draft amendments to the laws “On information, Informatization and protection of information” and “About communication” in which the messenger is defined as “information and communication services messaging”. This formulation, however, can be attributed to the messengers also social networks and other Internet services that allow users to exchange messages.

The regulator may require such players to identify their users, to conclude contracts with the operators for passing traffic on their networks, notify the regulator about its operations, said a source in the telecommunications market, familiar with the draft amendments. The authors also propose to require the messengers to limit the transmission of spam messages and to make sure that the refuse of subscribers from these mailings.

In addition, messengers may be required to ensure the possibility of sending messages at the initiative of the authorities.

The project developers also propose to disseminate the messengers, in case of violation of the law, the order of the locks on the model of the locking mechanism Internet sites.

Possible regulation of the messengers was discussed on Monday at a round table “Legal regulation of the Telecom industry 2015”, organized by the newspaper “Kommersant”. Mobile operators are not the first year trying to push for the inclusion of OTT services, most of which are foreign players in the Russian legal field. According to operators, in the absence of an appropriate regulatory framework OTT services are parasitic on their networks. Free for subscribers of OTT messengers eat from the Telecom operators ‘ revenues from traditional sms and mms.