Putin asked not to turn the discussion on EU Association-Ukraine until 1 January

Moscow. December 9. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed to continue until the end of December the discussion about the consequences of Ukraine’s Association agreement with the EU for Russia.

“I will ask you, nevertheless, despite the difficulties, to continue this discussion in the hope that we will be able to reach agreement until 1 January 2016”, – said Putin at a meeting with government members on Wednesday.

The Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev said earlier that progress in the negotiations on the EU Association with Ukraine is still there. According to the Minister, the probability of reaching the end of this year the compromise on Association of Ukraine with the EU small, and in this case from Russia after 1 January will have no choice but to apply measures to protect their economic interests. “We have every reason not only to apply the rates of most favored nation treatment, but the suspension and overall operation of the preferential treatment within the FTA of the CIS in Ukraine”, – he said.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev earlier on Wednesday also said that he sees almost no chance to negotiate with Ukraine on the issue till January 1.

Expert advice on removal of Russia’s concerns in connection with the entry into force on 1 January of the agreement between Ukraine and the EU on Association will be held on 8-9 December in Brussels, there is a possibility of a trilateral meeting at the Ministerial level in December, said earlier the first Deputy Minister of economic development Alexey Likhachev.

Russia insists on a legally binding instrument that would have removed Russian concerns.

Passed last week in Brussels tripartite consultations between Russia, the EU and Ukraine at the Ministerial level has not led to achieving the necessary arrangements, had instructed the experts to try for months to find an acceptable solution.