Putin instructed to sue Ukraine for non-payment of debt

Moscow. December 9. President Vladimir Putin instructed the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov to sue Ukraine in connection with bad debt in 3 billion dollars.

“Well, well, well, apply to the court”, – said the head of state after listened to the report of the head of the Ministry of Finance about the situation with the payment of the Ukrainian debt.

In response to the word Siluanov about the USA’s refusal to give guarantees on future payments the sovereign debt of Ukraine, Putin said, “Strange. If they are so confident in the solvency of the country for the next year, four years was to participate, to share those risks”.

Earlier, the Minister of Finance told journalists that Russia plans to appeal to court in case of non-fulfillment by Ukraine of obligations on repayment of debt to Russia to $3 billion after a 10-day period from the official date of maturity December 20.

“In accordance with the prospectus for those securities in which we invested funds, provides for the settlement of disputes in the arbitration court in accordance with international law. The 20th of the month (December) in the case of nonpayment of debt Ukraine are given a ten-day period, according to which Ukraine will be able to meet its obligations. If in this period, Ukraine has not fulfilled its obligations, we will protect their interests in court” – said Siluanov.

The Minister noted that it is the only way for Russia, if Ukraine and its partners in the IMF are not taken a decision on the proposal of the Russian Federation on settlement of debts.

“Yesterday the decision by the IMF that changed the basic conditions of the Fund approach to resolving the nation’s debt to creditors, both commercial and sovereign. Always sovereign creditor had an advantage over commercial lenders, as if talking about Russia and Ukraine, Russia has provided 2 years ago credit resources of unprecedented terms at 5% per annum – the state that couldn’t get resources, markets for it were closed. We in fact have a helping hand. Now the decision is made, which can only be described as hasty and biased”, – said the Minister.

He also said that Russia instructed its representatives at the IMF to raise the question about the status of the debt. “Fund-level management have confirmed the official status, we now want to have a decision of the IMF Board of Directors on the status of the debt and go to court to defend the interests of the Russian Federation on this issue”, – said the Minister.