Russia’s losses from cybercrime in 2015 will amount to $1 billion

Moscow. December 9. Russia’s losses from cybercrime will be by the end of 2015 to about $1 billion, said the first Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Lev Khasis journalists in Moscow.

“This is my personal rating – about 70 billion rubles, said the Khasis. Is the total loss of the state, business and citizens from acts of cybercrime. Prerequisites for reducing this damage is not seen.”

In turn, chief antivirus expert “Kaspersky Lab” Alexander Gostev said that this figure is “like the truth”.

“According to our data, Russia’s losses from cybercrime is estimated at about $700 million,’ said Gostev. But this is only what we can say, undertake to prove.” Also according to him, these figures do not include the results of cybergraphic Carbanak. From her actions affected more than 100 banks worldwide, including in Russia, and the damage is estimated at $100 billion.

According to the General Director of “Kaspersky Lab” Eugene Kaspersky, the evaluation of conservative hasis. “The losses are quite correlated with the volume of the economies of the world and Russian, – he said. – A few years ago, the amount of cybercrime in the world, we estimated in $100 billion On a share of Russia it is possible to record about 2%. Since then, the situation (by volume) is likely to have worsened”.

Assessment Khasis, currently 45-50% of all problems with computer crimes don’t create hackers, and criminals who use social engineering methods to collect user data. He believes that the state and society do not fully understand the threat level, so the level of punishment for cyber crimes is insufficient.