The Association of European business: Hyundai and Kia captured 22.2 percent of the automotive market of the Russian Federation

SEOUL, December 9. /Corr. Stanislav Varivoda/. The share of South Korean automakers Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors accounted for 22.2% of new car sales in Russia in November. These data were circulated in Seoul the Association of European businesses, whose representatives called this result the record.

Despite the increase in market share, total sales of the two companies in Russia was reduced in comparison with the previous year. So, sales of Hyundai Motor fell this year by 7% to 15.1 thousand cars, and Kia Motors by 32% to 14.1 thousand

At the same time, these results are better than many other companies operating on the Russian market: the overall decrease in sales of new cars amounted for the current year by 42.7%, and in just its first 11 months were sold in the country of 131.6 thousand cars.