The Kremlin said the decision of the IMF on the debt of Ukraine is a dangerous precedent

Moscow. December 9. In the Kremlin in the context of the Ukrainian debt concerned by the decision of the IMF to lift the ban on lending to countries with overdue sovereign debt, believe that it sets a dangerous precedent for international practices.

“This is about sovereign debt. (…) The precedent for us, undoubtedly, is absolutely unwanted, and most importantly, from our point of view, international practice it is quite dangerous. Speaking in plain language, creates a very dangerous precedent by, say, allowing for the non-payment of sovereign debts”, – told reporters the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

According to him, Russia is to carefully analyse the causes and possible consequences of the decision of the IMF. This Peskov refrained from answering the question of whether the current situation is to push for the withdrawal of Russia from IMF.

“I don’t know. I repeat: we have very carefully analysed the reasons for this decision and its possible consequences”, – said Peskov.

As it became known yesterday, the Board of Directors of the International monetary Fund approved a new rule allowing debtors to lend even in the event of a default on sovereign debt.