VTB and Mechel have not yet settled the lawsuit to 50.2 billion rubles

Moscow. December 9. VTB and Mechel have not yet completed work on the conclusion of a settlement agreement in a suit for recovery of the company with a 50.2 billion rubles, the correspondent reported from the courtroom, which was to be considered the appeal against the decision on collecting from the company in favor of the Bank of 50.2 billion rubles.

In this regard, the court adjourned the hearing for January 21, 2016.

Speaking at the meeting, the representative of the Bank supported the company’s request on adjournment of the meeting. She noted that “the actions taken to restructure, which came into force”.

According to the lawyer, the parties signed an additional agreement on the credit agreement, however, for new commitments on the part of “Mechel” continues the non-performance.

The judge, after hearing statements of the parties, noted that if the next time will not be submitted to a conciliation agreement, the case will be considered on its merits.