Eagles: Archangel enterprise are integrated in Arctic projects

The Governor of the region noted that the regional organizations and companies design, build, supply objects of the mining complex being built on the Yamal Peninsula, a new seaport Sabetta.

MOSCOW, 10 Dec –. Enterprises of the Arkhangelsk region successfully integrated in major Arctic projects, announced during the St. Petersburg forum “the Arctic: present and future” Governor of the region Igor Orlov.

“In the region work for the integration of regional industry in Arctic projects. The bulk of the Archangel enterprises engaged in the project “Yamal LNG”. Their number is more than 50 sea and river ports, shipping, engineering and machinery companies,” said Orlov.

Orlov noted that regional organizations and businesses design, build, supply objects of the mining complex being built on the Yamal Peninsula, a new seaport Sabetta.

“Arkhangelsk region is capable of becoming a major technology hub for the manufacture of components for production, transportation and processing of oil and gas, as well as the framework for Maritime security projects. The practical work of enterprises of the region in the Arctic has already successfully proves this”, — said at the forum the head of the region.

In addition, he drew attention to the creation of a shipbuilding cluster, which allows to solve ambitious tasks and participate in major projects.

“For example, free capacity the “Stars” are suitable for the construction of offshore platforms, including a new large project “Arctic LNG 2” and the project “Yamal LNG”. The potential of the Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk companies may be required to the construction of production base “Kola shipyard” in the Murmansk region”, — said the Governor.

Also, Severodvinsk enterprise “Sevmash” and “Zvezdochka” who built the platform “Prirazlomnaya” and “Arkticheskaya”, once again ready to produce designs for the oil and gas industry and ships of civil purpose. “In the region convenient to place database components and service for oil and gas and other projects, it is beneficial from the point of view of logistics,” — said Orlov.

As an example, the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region led base with workshops on the left Bank of the Northern Dvina river, which was built by MRTS.

“Base “Left coast” has already become a major transport and logistics hub, through which the supply of projects in the area of the Ob and the West lips, Yamal and Sakhalin,” — said Orlov.

In addition, based on the production of complex steel structures required for construction in the Arctic. Also on the “Left Bank” only in Russia the school of welders, where they teach the automatic welding of large diameter pipes for laying underwater pipelines. By 2017 based MRTS will employ more than a thousand of Arkhangelsk dwellers.

Great hope the region imposes on the development of navigation along the Northern sea route, one of the key points of which is the Archangel.

“The Northern sea route – the shortest route to transport cargo between Europe and Asia. The importance of this route grows from year to year. According to forecasts, in 2015 the cargo turnover on this line will reach four million tons. Arkhangelsk is a key exit to the Northern sea route to European Russia. So our port can be used to supply projects in the Arctic, and for the delivery of goods to the mainland,” concluded Orlov.

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