Expert: Turkey will not abandon the project of “Akkuyu” because of the compensation of the RF

Expert: Turkey will not abandon the project of “Akkuyu” because of the compensation of the RF

The necessary documents for the project NPP “Akkuyu” still not submitted for the approval of Parliament, nevertheless, Russia has already secured the investment inflow to Turkey of $ 3 billion, said the expert on energy Aydin Sezer.

MOSCOW, 10 Dec –. Turkey will not abandon the project NPP “Akkuyu” because of the huge compensation that will be forced to pay the Russian Federation, said the Agency Sputnik, expert on energy issues, former commercial Counsellor of the Turkish Embassy in Moscow Aydin Sezer (Sezer Aydın).

He recalled that the negotiation process for the construction of NPP “Akkuyu” in Mersin stalled for a year.

“One of the main reasons for this is as follows. There are a number of legal provisions, regulatory acts, which should be prepared by the Turkish Parliament, which was waiting for the Russian side. The Turkish side promised to our Russian counterparts to speed up the process. First, however, Parliament went on vacation for the June election, and after them for half a year did not work, because the negotiations on the establishment of a coalition government has not brought results, and it was decided to hold early elections in November. For this reason, the necessary regulations to date have not been prepared”, he said

According to Sezer, the Russian side rightly demanded the implementation of data her promises and accelerate the process of NPP construction. He does not exclude that if it hadn’t been an incident in which a Russian SU-24, probably, today in the Parliament would have held discussion on this issue.

“But the current situation is that the necessary documents are still not submitted for parliamentary approval. Meanwhile, despite the fact that the Turkish side is still not prepared the necessary for further implementation of the project documentation, Russia to date, the project has already secured the investment inflow to Turkey of $ 3 billion dollars”, — said the expert.

He recalled that although the share capital of the company “Akkuyu Nuclear” and is Russian, it is still a Turkish company, leading its operations in Turkey, headquartered in Ankara.

“The agreement has a clause according to which 49% of the shares in the project can be transferred to the Turkish side. As far as I know, the Russian side demands that Turkey also made a financial contribution to this investment project. At this point, the negotiations on the draft and stalled. If Ankara decides to suspend the project, it will be unable to pay huge compensation, which will entail cancellation of construction. So Turkey is not in a position to make a decision to wind up the project”, said Sezer.

The intergovernmental agreement of the Russian Federation and Turkey on cooperation in the sphere of construction and operation of nuclear power plant in Akkuyu district of Mersin in southern Turkey was signed in 2010. The project of the first Turkish NPP includes four VVER. The capacity of each NPP unit will be 1200 MW. The project cost is approximately $ 20 billion.

In December last year, the Ministry of environment and urban planning of Turkey approved the EIA report (assessment of impact on environment). The ceremony for laying the Foundation of marine structures of the Akkuyu NPP was held in April this year. Start of construction of the nuclear plant scheduled for the end of 2016.

On Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Numan Kurtulmus stated that Russia will not be easy to abandon construction of NPP “Akkuyu” in Turkey, as Ankara can implement this project with other countries.