In Volkswagen admitted “diesel scandal” the most serious challenge in its history

BERLIN, December 10. /Corr. Vyacheslav Filippov/. The scandal connected with the installation in cars Volkswagen software, lowered emissions of harmful substances (“diesel scandal”), is the most serious challenge in the history of the concern. This was stated in Wolfsburg Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the company Dieter pécs.

“The consequences of the crisis, apparently, will be significant,” he said. “We haven’t experienced what happened in the last two months – no one could have imagined that our company would be in such a situation,” said Pech.

He assured that “all data will be laid out on the table”, Volkswagen does not intend to hide anything. At the same time the head of the Supervisory Board stressed that decentralization will be a concern.

Volkswagen was at the center of a scandal after the discovery of the machines for that allows you to bypass the strict ecological standards of the USA. The investigation into the auto giant launched in several countries in Europe and Asia. As noted in the press release Volkswagen, the problem of falsifying data environmental tests on the content of harmful substances in exhaust gases of vehicles affected to 11 million cars worldwide.

To overcome the consequences of the crisis concern “laid” an amount of €6.7 billion