NDM can be applied to fields in Western Siberia in the framework of a certain quota

MOSCOW, December 10. The Ministry has agreed to extend the mode-added tax income (JPM) in some existing fields in Western Siberia, the tax may be distributed within a certain quota, told reporters, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Shatalov.

“Positively (moving the discussion NDM – ed.). We are ready to go to some existing fields (Western Siberia acted NDM – ed.). In Eastern Siberia only greenfields”, he said.

Shatalov added that the introduction of the NDM for Western Siberia will not affect all fields, but only those who will offer themselves to the company under the quota – the volume of oil produced under the new tax regime.

“We believe that we will have a quota of some sort, which will be distributed between companies, and they themselves choose a field proportional to the volume of production… Probably within about 10 million tonnes cumulatively. And the 10 million they can split proportionally to the production. There apparently remains some reserve, could be there will get small company,” he said, noting that 10 million tons he called conditionally.

Shatalov also said that the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation may agree on the concept of the new tax system for the oil this year. In the state Duma a bill may be introduced in 2016.

“Maybe this year”,- he said, answering the question of when may be agreed upon the concept of the new tax system.

Thus Shatalov considers “real” introduction of the added tax income (JPM) from 2017.