Nissan and Enel decided to transform electric cars into mobile energy source

Moscow. December 10. Japanese Nissan, which produces one of the most popular in the world of electric cars Nissan Leaf, and Italian power company Enel has signed an agreement to develop a system that would allow owners of these machines to be full participants in a single grid.

Innovative system Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G, “vehicle to grid”) will allow owners of electric cars to use, to store and return excess electricity back to the grid, according to a press release from Enel. Test the reliability of this system are currently underway. The obtained data will show the extent to which the electric cars will contribute to the development of the energy market.

“The innovative cooperation with Enel company is the perfect example of the implementation plans for the transformation of the car from simple transportation into a device that can charge electricity to your office and home. By and large this means that electric cars can now become a part of the energy system of Europe, – said the representative of Nissan in Europe Paul Wilcox. – The future sustainable development of the automotive industry requires stronger relationships between cars, power companies and sources of renewable energy”.

Under the agreement, in countries where a regulation makes such a project profitable, there will be electric cars that can interact with centralized power grids. The first tests will take place in Denmark, then in Germany, the Netherlands and other Northern European countries.

“Enel moves power industry forward, introducing world V2G technology market. We believe that the integration of the power system with electric cars is the key to a successful future, as already today the possibilities of electric vehicles goes beyond simple movement in space. Against a background of increasing of the network load and excessive dependence on traditional energy sources, V2G technology enables owners of electric vehicles to store energy and return it back to the grid, which is especially important for energy produced from renewable sources,” says Director of innovation and sustainable development Enel Ernesto Ciorra.

Chargers and electric vehicles with V2G technology to provide their owners the opportunity to create a mobile energy centers, connecting their cars to the power grid. Owners of Nissan Leaf can be connected to an electrical distribution infrastructure during the period of low demand, when electricity tariff is minimal, and then use energy reserves for the needs of households during periods of high tariffs or even to give energy back to the grid, receiving additional income.