The city Council of Petrozavodsk decided to send the mayor in resignation

The city Council of Petrozavodsk decided to send the mayor in resignation

PETROZAVODSK, December 10. /Corr. Igor Lukyanov/. Deputies of Petrozavodsk city Council decided to send the mayor Galina Shirshina down and handed her a notification. About it reported in a press-city Council service.

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The speaker of the city Council of Petrozavodsk told the police about the possible abuse of mayor’s authority

“Deputies of the Petrograd Soviet gave the mayor a notice “About the initiative about removal of the Head of Petrozavodsk urban district the G. I. Chisinau in resignation”, – stated in the message.

On 4 December at the conference of the regional branch of the party “United Russia” the speaker of the city Council Gennadiy Bodnarchuk said that distrust of Chisinau collected 25 thousand signatures of citizens. “I believe that the primary task facing the deputies, should be the final verdict of Chisinau lady and her team. I’m talking about the resignation of the head of the city,” said Bodnarchuk. According to him, there are currently 225 enforcement proceedings instituted in the city hall of Petrozavodsk urban district. The amount of administrative fines for the failure to execute judicial decisions more than 8 million rubles.

“The question of resignation of the mayor can be considered at a session of the city Council, scheduled for December,” – said in the city Council.

In June 2015 the Petrozavodsk city Council of deputies recognized the work of the mayor Galina Chisinau and local administration satisfactory.

The independent candidate Galina Shirshina was elected mayor of Petrozavodsk, September 8, 2013 with the support of the regional branch of the Yabloko party, whose candidate Emilia Slabunov has been removed from elections by the decision of Petrozavodsk city court. Shirshina scored 41.9 per cent votes ahead of the incumbent mayor Nikolay Levin (“United Russia”).

Known than the mayor of Petrozavodsk

Galina Shirshina was Born 12 may 1979, p. Alakurtti in the Murmansk region. Father – a soldier, mother is a teacher. In 1984 the family moved to Petrozavodsk (Karelia).

In 2001 he graduated from the faculty of psychology of Karelian state pedagogical University (KSPU; from 2009 – the Karelian state pedagogical Academy, cgpa; since 2013 – Institute of pedagogy and psychology in the structure of Petrozavodsk state University), specialty “practical psychologist, teacher of psychology”. In 2007 he graduated from the graduate school at the Department of developmental psychology and education, Russian state pedagogical University. A. I. Herzen (St. Petersburg).

Candidate of psychological Sciences. In 2007 he defended his thesis on “Vocational-psychological problems of University teachers (for example teachers of 40-60 years)”.

From 1998 he worked in the student Union the Karelian state pedagogical University, from 1999 to 2004 he headed the trade Union organization of students. In 2004 became the winner of the second all-Russian contest “Student Union leader”.

After graduation he worked as assistant interfaculty Department of psychology of KSPU, since 2003 – senior lecturer. Created and headed the psychological service of the University.

Since 2004 as a psychologist participated in the work of election headquarters of the Republican branch of the “Yabloko” party, conducted the training with the candidates, provided psychological consultations to the agitators and observers from the party.

Since 2005 he has been head of the Department KSPU for work with students.

Since 2010 he headed the Department of educational psychology Karelian state pedagogical Academy. After joining the Academy in the composition of the Petrozavodsk state University, resigned from the University.

In may 2013, he headed the publishing house “Province” (of printed products – weekly newspaper “Karelskaya Guberniya”).

8 August 2013, the electoral Commission of Petrozavodsk Galina Shirshina registered as an independent candidate on elections of the head of Petrozavodsk urban district. In fact, she was the “substitute” candidate from the “Yabloko” supported by the regional branch of the party (headed by the Deputy of the Petrograd Soviet Vasily Popov). Yabloko was registered Slabunov Emilia, Director of the Lyceum, member of the legislative Assembly of the Republic. On August 23 the decision of Petrozavodsk city court, she was removed from elections under the claim of the competitor from the party “Patriots of Russia” Yuri Shabanov (accused the candidate from “Apple” to the violations in the conduct of a special election account).

After de-registration of Kabanovoy regional branch of Yabloko issued a newspaper campaign with the slogan “Slabunov removed — vote for Sirsina!”

September 8, 2013 Galina Shirshina was elected as head of Petrozavodsk urban district for a term of five years. Took office on 11 September, refused to conduct the ceremony of the inauguration in order to save budget funds.

Among the first decisions of the head of Petrozavodsk was the abolition of severance payments (“Golden parachutes”) to city officials and deputies of the Petrograd Soviet, a reduced fare in public transport with 17 to 10 roubles, weekly video reports on the activities of the city authorities, making online polls and public hearings on important urban issues, etc.

June 18, 2015 the legislative Assembly of Karelia adopted the law abolishing the direct election of the mayor of Petrozavodsk. According to the document, the mayor will be elected by the Council from among the candidates proposed by the competition Commission. Deputies of the city Council of Petrozavodsk on July 13, made the appropriate changes to the city Charter, however, Galina Shirshina imposed on them the veto. August 4, Petrozavodsk city Council could override the veto of the mayor by adopting the majority of amendments in the main city the law.

Until 2012 he was a member of the Public Council of the FSB Department for the Republic of Karelia. Declared annual income for 2014 amounted to RUB 1 403 721, in an immovable property specified land garden plot 1508 sq. m, 36,2 sq apartment m and the share in the flat of 77.5 sq. m.