The city Duma of Veliky Novgorod are unable second time this year to send the mayor in resignation

VELIKY NOVGOROD, December 10. /Corr. Julia Generozova/. The city Duma of Veliky Novgorod are unable second time this year to send in resignation of mayor Yury Bobryshev. For his dismissal voted 17 members present at the next session, against – 6, one abstained, reports TASS.

“The decision to remove the mayor of Great Novgorod Bobryshev Yury Ivanovich resignation is not accepted”, – said the speaker Gordumy Vladimir Timofeev. In order that the mayor was dismissed, that decision must be voted 20 deputies.

The reason for the resignation of Bobryshev, according to deputies, is a non-mayor for a long time responsibility for the organization of collection and disposal of solid waste, housing orphans, the effective use of municipal property and the provision of road activities.

According to information of the city Duma, at the beginning of November the Novgorod city administration not performed on 20 court decisions on the provision of housing to orphans and children without parental care. Just in the queue are 90 people, while for the purchase of apartments and rooms in 2015 spent 8,5 million roubles allocated for these purposes 79 million.

In may of this year the deputies have deprived the mayor of the post, but three months later the mayor returned to work, winning a court of appeal.

It is now against Bobryshev brought two criminal cases about a negligence and excess of powers of office the head of local government, taken from it recognizance not to leave.

Bobryshev was elected head of the administration of Veliky Novgorod for a second term in September 2013, his term expires in 2018.