The economic development Ministry proposed to disclose in the format of open data and 600 registers registers

Moscow. December 10. The Ministry proposes to disclose in the open data format information 600 from the registers and registers of public authorities, budget and commercial organizations, said the Deputy Minister and state Secretary of the Ministry of economic development Oleg Fomichev at the summit “Open data 2015” in Moscow.

“Not all the information of these registers can be opened – something of them falls under another confidential and limited to the dissemination of information, he said. – We will work with their owners on a subject that you can disclose and what is not”.

Fomichev also noted that the Federal authorities still have a lot of data that can be opened in open data format. “We and the Ministry of communications at the level of ministries and agencies require that any proposals for creation of state and departmental information systems from the outset it was stated that the results from these systems should be disclosed”, he said.

The Minister for relations with open government Mikhail Abyzov said that Russia will move to full disclosure of data that can be disclosed. “But that is no excuse not to disclose – to have access, he said. – And society – to identify where and what information is not.”

“I was hoping that the year will be able to bring the situation to the automatic disclosure of collected state information, said Abyzov. – Did not work, but we expect that in three years will be able to create a system of storage, processing and presentation of open data”.

To date, the Federal open data portal posted about 4 thousand open data sets and about 7 thousand on the open data portals of the regions of the Russian Federation. On the basis of these data sets was developed a few hundred different applications.

To support the direction of developing applications based on open data was organized the competition “Open data of the Russian Federation”, the winners of which were awarded at the summit of “Open data” on Thursday.

The winner in the nomination “Social projects” was the service “sale of Land of Russia”, which helps customers to analyze proposed sale of land, and to make an informed decision to participate in the auction.

In the nomination “Economics” has won the search engine that allows you to search for homes based on the conditions of urban environment, data on the ecology of the area.

In the category “Technology” the best was the service of the “Russian school” to assist parents in choosing a school. The site contains in one place all the information about the quality of education in schools with the ability to compare schools.

In the special category winner was the project “Geocode” for the creation of geographic information platform of Open data.

The jury also noted the projects are ranked in each category 2 and 3 seats. In particular, it is an interactive Navigator of the construction of routes for people with disabilities, service utilities “RU-QUARTER” for the interaction of residents with management companies, a project to help people who suffer from allergies to pollen (“Pollen Club”), the mobile app “Chocopasta.Of the Russian Federation” to support the decision to enroll in College, the portal to increase the openness of public procurement “Economics 2.0”, the service “Ecomonitor” for the provision of public environmental information to citizens in a convenient, visual form.

All finalists – a total of 18 projects were awarded certificates in support of Open government projects, which will help developers in building communications with leading industry experts, venture investors, donors, development institutions and data providers. For each project individual program will be developed, which will operate during the year.