The Embassy of Russia asks Kiev to provide official information about the detention of three Russians

KIEV, December 10. The Russian Embassy in Kiev has not received official notification of the authorities about the detention of Russian citizens by the security Service of Ukraine (SBU). About TASS reported the press-Secretary of Embassy Oleg Grishin.

According to him, “the Russian Consulate checks circulated in the media by sending operational requests of the Ukrainian side with a request to inform about possible detention of the Russians.”

“To date the Russian Embassy in Kiev has not received any official notification from the Ukrainian side about the incident with Russian citizens reported in the media,” said Grishin.

Yesterday a press-the Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya reported that Agency staff during special operation detained three citizens of Russia. “Detained two citizens of the Russian Federation and three citizens of Ukraine”, – she wrote on the page in “Facebook”. Later Gitlyanskaya announced the arrest of a third Russian. The names of detainees, the representative of the SBU is not called.

According to gutlyanskii, the detention allegedly took place in the framework of the operation to neutralize the sabotage and intelligence group, which operated in several cities of Ukraine, including in Kiev.

However, information about the incident on the official sites of SBU and the interior Ministry was never published.