The Finance Ministry projected a budget deficit in 2015 to be 2.9% of GDP

Moscow. December 10. The Federal budget deficit in 2015 will amount to 2.9% of the GDP, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, speaking at a government meeting on Thursday. He recalled that the budget provided for this indicator at 3.2% of GDP.

Siluanov also said that the government does not use in 2015 the right to spend 500 billion rubles from the Reserve Fund volume at the end of the year will amount to 3.4 trillion rubles, the volume of the national welfare Fund (NWF) will amount to 4.9 trillion rubles. Total reserves will amount to 8.3 trillion rubles, or 11.3% of GDP.

He also noted that the funds of the NWF this year is actively directed to infrastructure projects. On December 1 invested 427 billion in all infrastructure projects.

In 2016 the anti-crisis Fund will be directed to 99.2 billion rubles balances of the current year, informed the Minister of Finance. “To 99.2 billion rubles – the residues that can be sent to the anti-crisis Fund next year in order to use them in the following year by decision of the government of the Russian Federation”, – he said.