Baseline scenario the Central Bank assumes oil price at $ 50

The Central Bank also considers the risk scenario with the oil price below 40 USD.

MOSCOW, 11 Dec. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the baseline scenario the main directions of the DCT is focused on the price of oil for three years in the area of $ 50 per barrel, however, the relevance of the pessimistic scenario CBA with oil prices below 40 dollars per barrel has increased, said the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina.

“In our baseline scenario we expect oil prices in the coming three years will be close to $ 50, we continue to consider an optimistic scenario with more rapid recovery in oil prices. Such recovery, by the way, corresponds to the forecasts of many international organizations, analysts, participants of the oil market”, — said Nabiullina at a press conference on Friday.

“In addition, we consider the risk scenario with the oil price below 40 USD. The recent trend in oil prices suggests that the relevance of this scenario has increased”, she added.