Business Ombudsman Boris Titov proposes not to increase the payments system “Platon”

Business Ombudsman Boris Titov proposes not to increase the payments system “Platon”

MOSCOW, December 11. Business Ombudsman Boris Titov proposes in 2016 not to increase payments under the system of charging trucks “Plato”. He reported about it to journalists.

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“The resulting hype about the system “Platon” has led to the speculative rise of prices on the tariff for road transport. Now it seems to be normal, the system works. We also agreed on the introduction of postpaid in April 2016. Also suggested not to increase the payment within the next year to properly find out – what should be the price”, – said Titov.

According to him, today the system has registered more than 600 thousand cars. “Basically it is owners of large fleets of trucks. We understand that small entrepreneurs (owners of a single truck), of course, this system is useful, but we cannot allow market share in the country do not pay taxes. Small businesses and so the tax is very low,” – says Titov.

System “Platon”

System “Platon”, providing the toll for trucks weighing more than 12 tonnes of tolls on Federal highways, operates in Russia since November 15. The amount of payment on account of compensation of harm, caused to the automobile roads for General use, set at 1.53 per ruble of one kilometer, in the future, the rate will increase. In addition to the payment rate on the truck will need to install the onboard equipment. In the creation of the project invested more than 29 billion rubles. It is planned that in 2016 the collection of payments will bring 40 billion. The money will be spent on repair of Federal roads