Complex processing work in Kaliningrad in January

The project will create about 50 new jobs.

KALININGRAD, 11 Dec. Modern facility for receiving, sorting and freezing of fresh fish and frozen storage of fish products, which will supply raw materials to enterprises of various canned fish as region and Russia, and will close nearly half of the needs of the region, will begin work in January 2016.

The project entitled “low-temperature warehouse for storage of frozen fish products” was launched in June, today the object area of about 3 thousand square meters on the territory of more than two hectares is 99% ready, it remains to establish the production equipment, to spend starting-up and adjustment work and landscaping the grounds. The project will create about 50 new jobs.

To catch a little, it is more important to save

“Just brought the fish isn’t the product. As soon as it passed through the sorting machine and put in a VAT of ice — this is already the goods, chilled products, which is also demanded by the processors. Further processing is the third product — frozen products — in both block frozen and individually,” said project Manager Sergey Laptev.

That serious the project is constructed and put into operation in such a short time explain in fisheries miloserdova fish (herring and sprat) is a very important seasonality — it is caught in cold water fish retains its best quality. The builders promise to complete the work before the new year, will begin to operate a shop in the second decade of January, and by Putin, Baltic herring in March-April the company hopes to reach full capacity.

“The latest equipment, like in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Russia yet. Sorting machine capable of processing up to 10 tons of raw material per day, split it into eight factions away from home to fry. Shock freezing is used without the press, “air”, after defrosting, the fish is perfectly preserved”, — said General Director of LLC “Macedonica” Alexander Bushuev.

At the same time the company will be able to handle two or three fishing vessel because of the perfect at the moment, technology — unloading of fish takes place via the pump rapoprovodu which are laid under a concrete pier, after she gets into the so-called “emergency Department”, where it is cooled, then either sent for recycling or to the shop in shock freezing and storage.

Investing in the future

The project implementation will allow to increase volumes of output in six times up to 10 thousand tons per year of frozen fish and 4 thousand tons of fresh, as well as to optimize production costs and improve product quality, which will be sold canned fish companies in Russia. This should promote the replacement of imported raw materials sprat and Baltic herring, which partly before was supplied from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The investment project for the construction of new production facilities of the company “Macedonica” is implemented with financial support of JSC “Rosselkhozbank” in the Kaliningrad region. The total cost of the project amounted to about 300 million rubles, of which 211 million rubles provided by the Bank. The facility is intended primarily to ensure quality raw materials fish processing enterprises

“Because the company has the status of significant for the region’s economy and solve, including the problem of import substitution, the interest rate will be subsidised. The Bank has granted to the enterprises of fish processing industry in the Kaliningrad region loan funds in the amount of about 1 billion rubles,” — said the Director of the Kaliningrad branch of JSC “Rosselkhozbank” Inessa Mussina.

Loan funds aimed at the establishment of a shop receipt and freezing of raw materials, allowing to produce more than 100 tons of finished products per day, as well as low-temperature warehouse for simultaneous storage of more than 1.5 thousand tons of frozen fish. To date, the complex has no analogues in the North-West district on the level of technical equipment, the company uses the most modern equipment.

Need there

Not all shipowners today have their own power to sort, freeze and store fish for its subsequent processing or sale, it is not cheap. And with the increase of quota to fish in 2015 (szproto (sprat) to the level of more than 38,5 thousand tons of Baltic herring (Baltic herring) to the level of more than 27 thousand tons) such workshops were needed.

“The real need in a daily freeze in peak loads with good fishing or during fishing season salacinol 250-300 tons per day. While the region has the only modern site for high quality frozen food for further processing in the city of Light, which is not enough” — said the head of regional Agency on fishery Andrey Mikhalevich.

He added that today have established a stable demand for products made of Baltic fish, mainly on preserves and canned food that supports the prey fish, its acceptance on the shore, freezing and subsequent food processing. In all of these processes are involved enterprises in the region employ local residents, therefore the regional authorities are interested in developing fishing enterprises.

Since 2013, the Kaliningrad region has a long-term target program on development of coastal fisheries. The regional government allocates to support fishermen more than 330 million rubles up to 2020, which subsidized the cost of modernization and construction of fishing vessels, coastal infrastructure, to the payment of interest on loans.

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