Ford invests $4.5 billion in the development of electric vehicles

Moscow. December 11. U.S. Ford Motor intends to invest $4.5 billion in the development of electric vehicles, reports Bloomberg. In the next four years, the automaker is planning to develop 13 new models electric cars and hybrid cars, said CEO of Ford mark fields.

According to him, by 2020 the share of such cars in the overall Ford line of products will increase to 40% from the current 13%. In particular, the company intends next year to release an electric version of the Ford Focus with the function of fast charging.

Ford intends to invest in electric vehicles, despite weak demand for similar machines in conditions of low gasoline prices.

According to Autodata, sales of hybrid versions of cars Ford – C-Max, Fusion and Lincoln MKZ – for the period from January to November this year fell by 25% to 59,301 thousand Other automakers also faced a reduction in demand for electric and hybrid cars.

“Of course, the current level of fuel prices is not conducive to sales of electric vehicles, said the Director of product development Ford Raj Nair. – We have to do a lot to inform customers about the benefits not only of electric vehicles but also hybrid charging from the mains and just hybrids”.

According to him, the segment of hybrid charging from the mains will grow most rapidly.

This year, Ford expanded the program Electrified Powertrain Engineering, increasing the staff involved in it engineers for 120 people. In October, the automaker announced the creation of the laboratory together with the University of Michigan to develop a battery.