Lukashevich: Russia will not increase its contribution to the OSCE budget

Lukashevich: Russia will not increase its contribution to the OSCE budget

VIENNA, 11 Dec. Russia does not intend to increase its financial contribution to the budget of the OSCE, said permanent representative of the Russian Federation in the organization of Alexander Lukashevich.

According to him, currently Russia sends in the consolidated budget of the OSCE more than 5 million euros.

“Most of the Western countries believes that it should be possible to increase the financial capability of the Bureau, including extra-budgetary sphere. While the budget discussions are very difficult in the context of the consolidated financial document for 2016, and now it is difficult to make any predictions. Probably, this situation will become clearer closer to the end of the year. But to increase the size of their budget investments, the Russian side does not intend”, — said Lukashevich in an interview with the newspaper Kommersant, published on Friday.

He noted that the contributions to the consolidated budget have increased significantly, including the financing of the special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine. The Russian contribution to the budget of the SMM is 1.59 million euros, and last year was also made voluntary extra-budgetary contributions to the work of the mission in the amount of 600 thousand euros.

In addition, Lukashevich added that the mission of the Russian Federation on the whole supports the significant reduction in loads of States parties of the OSCE ODIHR on purpose.

“Our proposals relate to optimization of expenditure of the Bureau, including at the expense of many more compact OSCE missions, election observation, as it is actually applied by the countries of the European Union. We also seek from the ODIHR specific information about how much the Bureau spent on each monitoring mission, in order to understand how shared money is spent. This is a legitimate and logical approach. But the Bureau is constantly out to provide such data, and we have to raise the issue before the OSCE Secretariat on the audit by the ODIHR,” — said the permanent representative in an interview.