Nabiullina: the probability of keeping oil prices below $50 per barrel rose

MOSCOW, December 11. The probability of preservation of price of oil below $50 per barrel has increased, said the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina. According to her, the trajectory of oil prices in recent months was between the baseline and risk scenario.

The CBR keeps forecast oil prices at $50 per barrel in 2016, but the likelihood of their decline has increased, said the head of the Central Bank.

The situation in the economy

The pace of global growth remains low, Nabiullina predicts. High volatility in global markets persists, the negative trends of summer 2015 has not disappeared, says the head of the Central Bank.

Russia’s GDP will decline in 2015 of 3.7-3.9%, to speak about the steady tendency of improvement until early, she said. However, according to Nabiullina, global investors began to look more promising on the Russian economy. The CBR also lowered the estimate of capital outflow in the current year from $70 billion to $58 billion Currency risks from the point of view of external debt decreased, said the head of the Bank of Russia

Actual inflation is folded on the upper boundary of the Bank of Russia forecast, by the end of the year the Central Bank expects inflation of about 13%.