Peskov: Russia supplies arms to legitimate government of Syria, and not the “Syrian free army”

MOSCOW, December 11. Russia is supplying weapons to Syrian government forces, not the “free Syrian army”, said the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov in response to a request of journalists to comment on the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin on support to moderate opposition forces in Syria.

“No, Russia is supplying weapons to the Syrian Arab Republic, the legitimate government of Syria”, – he told, answering a question about whether Russia is supplying weapons to “moderate opposition” in Syria.

Previously on the Board of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said that the work of aviagroup of the Russian Federation “in terms of bringing together both government forces and the “free Syrian army”. “Now several of her pieces that employ over five thousand people, as well as regular troops led an offensive against terrorists in the provinces of HOMS, Hama, Aleppo and raqqa. In addition, we support them from the air, as well as the Syrian army, providing them assistance in arms, munitions and war materiel,” said he .