Putin ordered to react harshly, destroying any threats to the armed forces in Syria

MOSCOW, December 11. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian military to react harshly, destroying any targets that threaten the armed forces in Syria.
“I order you to react harshly, – he said at the enlarged meeting of the Collegium of the defense Ministry. – Any targets that threaten the Russian group or our terrestrial infrastructure, are subject to immediate destruction.”

Terrorists in Syria pose a direct threat to the Russian Federation

The President noted that terrorists in Syria are a direct threat to Russia and Moscow’s actions are dictated not by abstract interests, and the intention to protect the country.

At the Board meeting of the Ministry of defense, the head of state noted that representatives of different ethnic groups (living in Russia – approx.TASS), “not only from the North Caucasus, but also from other regions, not only actively and openly involved in the fighting, but also flaunt his participation in the punitive actions”.

“This is a direct threat to Russia and our military personnel in Syria is first and foremost to defend their country. Our actions are dictated by there is not any obscure, abstract geopolitical interests, the desire to train and test new weapons systems. The main problem is that the main thing – to prevent a threat to the Russian Federation”, – emphasized the President.

The actions of the Russian armed forces should be coordinated with the coalition

The President instructed the Ministry of defense in conducting the antiterrorist operation in Syria to coordinate with the command post of Israel and the forces of the international coalition led by the United States.
“It is important to develop cooperation with all States who are really interested in the elimination of terrorists. Mean and contacts to ensure safety with command post, the Israeli air force and coalition forces led by the United States,” – said the head of state at the enlarged session of the Collegium of the defense Ministry.

The strengthening of the military capabilities of nuclear forces is a priority

Putin called the priorities of strengthening the combat potential of the strategic nuclear forces.

“Special attention should be paid to strengthening the combat potential of the strategic nuclear forces, defense space programs, said the head of state. – Need as outlined in our plans, to equip all the components of the nuclear triad with new weapons, improve the efficiency of systems of missile attack warning and aerospace defence”.