“SOGAZ” has insured Pets in the far East from attacks by tigers and leopards

VLADIVOSTOK, December 11. /Corr. Marina Shatilova/. Insurance group “SOGAZ” will pay up to 2 million rubles to owners of domestic animals in the far East in the event of an attack on them Amur tigers and far Eastern leopards. It is stipulated by insurance contracts that SOGAZ signed with ANO “far Eastern leopards” and “the Center “Amur tiger”, told the correspondent of TASS in the press service of the insurance group.

“Sum insured on each insurance contract is 2 million rubles. The amount of compensation may vary depending on which animal was injured. For example, for the death of a deer, the insurance benefit will amount to 100 thousand rubles. In this case, the owner of the farm in the habitat of the Amur tiger and far Eastern leopard is not required in advance to sign a contract with “SOGAZ”,- said the representative of the insurance group.

Amur tigers and far Eastern leopards occasionally attack livestock in Primorsky Krai. So, in the summer of this year, a leopard killed two foals, who were proud only in the far East herd of Vladimir draft horses. In the Khasansky district of the region there are cases of attacks on herds of domesticated reindeer. While farmers received compensation only from public organisations or private sponsors.

“Along with the fight against poaching, it is extremely important to ensure a civilized way of resolving conflict situations that may arise as a result of attacks by these predators on domestic and farm animals. Thanks to the concluded contract of insurance, the damage from such attacks in the future will be compensated at the expense of the insurance company”, – noted the Director of seaside branch “the Center “Amur tiger” Sergei Aramilev.

Currently in the wild there are about 80 leopards, 70 of them live on the territory of Primorye. Amur tigers in the wild left more than 500 individuals. Their numbers over the last 10 years increased by 10%.