The first gas turbine power plant delivered to the Crimea from the Far East

The first gas turbine power plant delivered to the Crimea from the Far East

SIMFEROPOL, 11 December. The first mobile gas turbine power plant (MGRES) capacity of 22.5 MW delivered on Thursday evening in Simferopol by plane An-124 “Ruslan” from the Far East, have informed in the regional emergency Ministry Department. The installation is connected to the power system of the Crimea.

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“Organized a meeting and transfer stations on special transport will deliver them to the destination, – said the head of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Crimea Sergey Shakhov. – Developed the route of their transportation with regard to the size and capabilities of bridges, because each unit weighs more than 70 tons”.

Soon another such station, owned by “RAO Energy system of East”, will arrive in the Crimea. They will come in use by the company of MGTS. Today on the Peninsula are already working on 13 similar plants with a total capacity of 292,5 MW.

“Mgtes favorable difference from other traditional generation facilities is the possibility of their transport and efficiency of connecting to the grid, after which the station begin to produce the missing electric power”, – noted in the MOE.

On November 22 due to the accident at the power lines in the Kherson region were fully discontinued the supply of electricity from Ukraine in Crimea. In the Republic introduced a state of emergency associated with the deficit. To save on the Peninsula began to use rolling blackouts of consumers. Now one of four high-voltage lines coming from Ukraine, it gives the Peninsula about 150 MW.

Additional supplies of electricity to Crimea are also made by concrete developments from the Krasnodar region, started on 2 December. On 10 December by using the first string from the Kuban Peninsula comes around 285 MW. A second line is planned to run until 15 December, it will give more than 200 MW.