The IMF promised the British to analyze the effects of the release of their country from the EU

Moscow. December 11.

– The uncertainty regarding whether there will be a Britain in the European Union, could hurt the British economy, warns the international monetary Fund.

“The uncertainty associated with the results of the planned referendum on EU membership may exert pressure” on the UK economy, the report said Fund.

IMF chief Christine Lagarde said that the Fund will consider the possible benefits and losses from different variants of relations between the UK and the EU and will publish them in the next country report in may, according to MarketWatch.

“What are we going to do – we spend a lot of our mental faculties, and in the following review, we will be able to obtain adequate assessment,” she told reporters.

Lagarde herself “very, very hopeful that the UK will stay in EU”.

A referendum on leaving the EU, British Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to hold before the end of 2017.

In the report the IMF noted that the Bank of England should not rush into raising interest rates, but you may need to take other steps to stop the “overheating” of the real estate market.

In General, the Fund gives a positive assessment of the British economy and forecasts of its development.