The Russian security Council: the President of Argentina reiterated his determination to develop cooperation with Russia

The Russian security Council: the President of Argentina reiterated his determination to develop cooperation with Russia

MOSCOW, December 11. The new President of Argentina Mauricio Macri reiterated his determination to further development of Russian-Argentine cooperation.
“In Buenos Aires (Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai) Patrushev was received by the President of the Republic of Argentina Mauricio Macri, said the press service of the security service of Russia. – During the meeting the parties have confirmed their disposition to the further development of Russian-Argentine cooperation”.

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Mauricio Macri took office as President of Argentina

December 10, Patrushev took part in the inauguration ceremony of Makri in the post. He also met with former President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

With the elections in Argentina

A month and a half ago, hardly many people believed that the opposition can take power into their own hands.

Before the first round of voting, held on 25 October, all predicted a landslide victory Scioli.

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Political analysts agreed in opinion that the only intrigue of the election was whether the candidate from the ruling party to win without a second round. However, the outcome of the vote surprised everyone: Scioli – 37,08% of the voters, Makri is 34,14%. According to local analysts, the fall in popularity Scioli was due to his proximity to the incumbent government.

Support the supporters of fern√°ndez de Kirchner, she is grateful for the generous social policy was not enough to win. According to the results before the second round of the polls, the opposition were ready to vote on 8-10% more voters. Scioli was defeated, but not such huge as it was hoped the opposition. Now in its policy Makri will have to take into account that nearly half of the country is not satisfied with his proposed changes.

Foreign policy of Argentina. Expert opinion

Mauricio Macri intend to adjust not only to economic but also foreign policy. According to local analysts, it will try to repair ties with the United States and Europe, which were frozen when the “kirchnerismo”. “Obviously, the priority for him will be the relationship with the US,” expressed the opinion in conversation with correspondent. doctor of political Sciences from the Argentine National Council for scientific and technical research Diego Reynoso. However, with the fact that Makri turn away from current partners, including Russia, agree not all. Employee of the analytical center “of the Argentine Council for international relations” Mariano Caucino expressed the view that “the next government will continue to develop relations with Russia”. “Argentina is not among the leading countries, so-called “average power”, so it is necessary to develop relations with all, without giving any special preference one way or another,” he said.

Experts also believe that foreign policy priority for him will be the relationship with partners in the southern common market (MERCOSUR). He has said that during his first trip abroad will visit Brazil.