The US budget deficit in November increased by 14%

Moscow. December 11. The budget deficit the U.S. in November of 2015 was $64,553 billion, which was 13.6% more than during the same month last year – $56,818 billion, reported the Ministry of Finance.

Budget revenues increased by 7.1%, reaching $billion 204,968 Expenses increased by 8.6% to $269,521 billion.

Without accounting for calendar factors (shift of the date range of payments) a negative balance last month was $126 billion.

Two months 2016 fiscal year, which began on 1 October, the negative balance of the budget of the United States increased by 12.6% and amounted to $201,102 billion compared to $178,531 billion in the comparable period a year earlier.

Volume of receipts in the budget from the beginning Vigoda increased by 2.9% to $416,014 billion While expenses increased by 5.9% and amounted to $617,116 billion.

The budget deficit of the USA following the results of fiscal 2015, which ended September 30, decreased by 9.2% and amounted to $438,9 billion, or 2.5% of GDP. This is the lowest deficit since 2007 both in dollar terms and in relation to GDP. Thus, last year’s result was the lowest during the presidency of Barack Obama.

Last annual budget surplus was recorded in the USA in 2001. In 2009 peak deficit in the country’s history – $1,41 trillion (9.8% of GDP).

The average size of the country’s budget deficit for the period since 1980 is about 3.2% of GDP.