Titov: “Plato” in General has minimal impact on inflation

Titov: “Plato” in General has minimal impact on inflation

With the introduction of fees for heavy trucks to the total price growth will be about 0.2 to 0.5%, I’m sure presidential Commissioner for entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov.

MOSCOW, 11 Dec. Authorized under the RF President on protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov called the impact of the tariff system of charging heavy vehicles “Plato” on inflation is minimal, said the press-service of the business Ombudsman.

The growth of prices of consumer goods, according to Titov, has more to do with speculative increase of tariffs, which is carried out by vehicle owners, taking advantage of the hype surrounding the implementation of the system. According to him, with the introduction of the price increase will be about 0.2 to 0.5%.

“Of course, we’re talking about an approximate number, it is very difficult to calculate exactly how much in the way of delivery is the share of Federal highways, but recent calculations carried out by our experts, show that the final price per kilogram of cheese or cucumber, supplied from Krasnodar to Moscow will increase by not more than 20 cents, a bottle of wine – on average, 1 ruble,” — said Titov.

According to him, after appeal to the President held a branch meeting at which market participants (carriers, manufacturers, retailers, representatives of Rosavtodor, the Ministry of transport and system operator) has formulated a common position and adopted within the framework of the meeting, decisions are already being implemented. “We received confirmation from the Ministry of transport that will be introduced post-paid, it is simply technically impossible to do until 1 April. Fixed available at the start of the technical failures, the system is already running normally, and the calculation of payments are made correctly, the reduced fines”, — said Titov.

“Left unresolved the question whether to leave 1,53 rubles per kilometer by the end of next year. We are not yet convinced that the tariff, which is incorporated, not excessive in order to perform a public task, i.e. to collect 50 billion rubles. We’ll see during the year, in fact, what will be the income and then determine what a fair rate in order to fill the budget by exactly that amount”, he continued.

System “Platon” has earned in Russia from November 15. It will charge tolls to trucks carrying more than 12 tons. The trucks are charged with the payment of 1.53 rubles per a kilometer on Federal highways. From 1 March 2016 it was planned to increase this rate up to 3.06 ruble per kilometer. The money should go to the road Fund in compensation for the destruction of traces of heavy cars.