“Victory” will close flights to Salzburg because of a lack of demand

MOSCOW, December 11. The group loukoster “Aeroflot” airline “Victory” has decided to close flights to Salzburg (Austria). About it reported in a press-service of the carrier.

“Victory” has decided to close flights to Salzburg, because they did not use the expected demand. At the time of sales sold 34 for a ticket to Salzburg. Because the airline has no plans to increase its fleet next year and have plans to build an international route network, we close the unclaimed flights and will use the vacated aircraft on flights that are in high demand. However, on 2 and 9 January, the flights to Salzburg are met and all who bought tickets for these flights, will be transported,” according to the company.

Earlier “Victory” gained access to performance of international transportation and has opened several directions. Flights to Salzburg will begin on January 2, just before the closure of the route will be carried out 2 flights.

Ticket sales in this area were opened this week.

According to the representative of the company, “Victory” in talks with other airports and selects the following directions. “Maybe the end of the year something will appear, maybe already in January”, – said the press service.

The airline “Victory” enters into group “Aeroflot”. The company’s aims is to increase the mobility of the population and transport accessibility of Russian regions. By 2018, the carrier fleet will consist of approximately 40 aircraft and transportation will reach 10 million people a year. Transaero’s route network will include more than 45 domestic and international destinations.