Kudrin explained how to successfully execute the economic part of the message to the Federal Assembly

MOSCOW, 12 Dec. The implementation of the President’s address to the Federal Assembly independent of the Executive, and the current quality of governance may prevent to fully perform the economic part of the presidential address, which laid the basis for some reforms, says ex-Finance Minister, head of the Committee of civil initiatives (THD) Alexei Kudrin.

Earlier, the head of the OIG noted the balance of the President’s address.

“I say it’s balanced, because, perhaps, while not explicitly there laid the Foundation of some of the reforms that were named softly as the reform of the social sphere of redistribution to more needy on the individual steps towards medium-sized and small businesses,” said Kudrin after the ceremony of awarding the prize “Civil initiative”.

However, he stressed that the success of the message depends from the Executive branch.

“Of course, everything depends on Executive power. That’s why I believe that the quality of governance, which is now lame, will not, perhaps, fully to execute it. We already know a lot of proposals for business support from the President, are not fully implemented yet. That’s why I have a concern,” added the ex-Minister of Finance.

In his view, this plan and the President “need to ask harder for implementation”, and offers should always be the enforcement mechanism.

Speaking about the quality of public administration, the Agency interlocutor noted that this takes into account the transparency of government and its accountability to public scrutiny. “Must be feedback from public organizations and society. In this sense, these feedback channels are not quite as good” — believes Kudrin.