Lithuania closed the train route Vilnius – Moscow due to lower passenger traffic

VILNIUS, December 12. /Corr. Vladimir Ivanov/. State company “Lithuanian Railways” closed passenger route Vilnius – Moscow – Vilnius. In the Russian capital on Saturday last arrived the Lithuanian formation.

“Direct the passenger traffic on this direction is terminated due to a significant reduction in passenger traffic,” said the company. In 2014, this route was transported 72,9 thousand people, while in 2013 this figure amounted to 100,7 thousand persons.

This is the second passenger route of the Russian direction, closed as unprofitable in the current year the Lithuanian railwaymen due to a sharp reduction in the number of customers. June 1 was discontinued service between Vilnius and Saint Petersburg. In 2014, trains on this line were moved 42,5 thousand people, which was 40% less than the year before.

Now in the chart of international “Lithuanian Railways” has only one direction to Minsk. In 2014, on the route Vilnius – Minsk – Vilnius was transported 330 thousand people (in 2013 – 318,7 thousands).