Mordovia adopted the budget for 2016, with a deficit of 2.4 billion rubles

The national Assembly of the Republic has set a budget deficit, the economic development allowed to determine the revenues of the Republican budget in the amount of 30.8 billion rubles.

NIZHNY NOVGOROD, December 11. The state Assembly of Mordovia on Friday approved the budget of the Republic for 2016 with a deficit of 2.4 billion rubles.

“The approved scenarios of economic development allowed us to determine the revenues of the Republican budget in the amount of 30.8 billion… Expenditures planned in the amount of 33.2 billion rubles. The budget is formed with the deficit, which is about 2.4 billion rubles. Source of financing the deficit market borrowings act”, — said the Minister of Finance of Mordovia Alexey Simonov at the meeting of the regional Parliament.

According to him, in 2016, “budget resources will be concentrated on the implementation of decrees of the President of the Russian Federation, the implementation of social guarantees, promote economic development, the preparations for the world football championship-2018”. The Minister said that funding of education has sent about 7.5 billion rubles, expenses on health, including the MLA, will exceed 10 billion rubles, on agriculture — 2.1 billion roubles on preparations for the 2018 world Cup allocated 1.3 billion rubles.

In turn, the head of Mordovia, Vladimir Volkov noted that now we need to focus on the fulfillment of the parameters of the revenue side of the budget. “We must speak, how to organize the work in such a way that the parameters of budget revenues next year are feasible… If you succeed the profit which we planned to attract to the budget system of the Republic, it will be good, if a little more is even better,” he said.

Volkov charged the Republican government, a point to work with each enterprise. “A task should be set that all enterprises have received a positive result in 2016, despite the situation neither in the country nor in the world. We can for next year an increase of 10-15% of the volume of industrial production, this volume is designed for the budget and budget revenues,” — said the head of the region.

He noted that the budget is difficult, but all the social obligations and preparations for the 2018 world Cup will be fulfilled.

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