Putin instructed to check the efficiency of use of funds of JSC “Special economic zones”

MOSCOW, December 12. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin following the meeting with activists of the Russian popular front (onf), which was held on 27 November, requested until April 1, to check the activities of JSC “Special economic zones” in terms of efficiency of budget spending. This is stated in the message that was posted Sunday on the Kremlin website.

“The Prosecutor General’s office of the Russian Federation, the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation, Federal tax service, the Federal service for financial monitoring to ensure that the verification activities in relation to the activities of JSC “Special economic zones” and legal entities, created for management of special economic zones in the Russian Federation in the part concerning the effectiveness of use of funds of budgets of the budgetary system of the Russian Federation, state and municipal property and other resources in the creation and functioning of special economic zones”, – stated in the message.

At the meeting of Putin with activists of the popular front discussed the implementation of the project “For fair procurement – the fight against corruption”. Published today a list of instructions following this meeting contains 13 points.