Zakharova called statements Usackas on Ukraine contradictory

MOSCOW, 12 Dec. Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called statements of EU Ambassador to Russia Vygaudas of Usackas in Ukraine “of the original, but somewhat conflicting”.

“Over the past few days the envoy of the European Union in Russia Vygaudas ušackas has made a number of original, but somewhat contradictory statements. First, he invited Russia to behave in a friendly way and to write off 20% of the debt of Ukraine. And the next day he said that the lifting of sanctions with Russia will not happen: “Christmas gifts should not be expected”” — she wrote on his page on Facebook on Friday night.

Zakharov expressed surprise due to the fact that “Russia needs a friendly gift, and “gift” in the form of removal of the illegal sanctions, continuing, in fact, because of a default by Kiev Minsk agreement, can not count”.

She stressed that Ukraine will receive “Christmas gifts” in the form of multimillion-dollar tranches annually, but “confused them a little — probably not heartily give”.

Previously Usackas expressed confidence that Ukraine could become a uniting factor in relations between Russia and the European Union, the prerequisite for this is the implementation of the Minsk agreements.